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A Bit About Me

My corporate background was in Customer Retention in the Utilities sector, where I lead teams in Planning & Performance, Forecasting and Planning, and Strategy. My move into coaching started there and evolved into starting my own coaching business after taking voluntary redundancy in 2020.


Alongside my wife Gill, I also run a few different businesses in property investment, with a mix of residential Buy To Let’s, commercial offices, and some small developments too. 


It always sounds like a cliche, but I am always results-oriented. As a trained statistician, with a MSc in Business Analysis and Consulting, my goal is always to help you achieve tangible results and measurable growth.


Away from work, I like to spend time with the family either at the beach, exploring new places, or soaking up some sun!

I love sport in general and still try to mix it with the young team at basketball and football each week, as well as getting into the gym at least a handful of times a week too.



In 2022, I started building ice baths into my daily morning routine and I haven’t looked back, even if it is mainly to help soothe my aging joints!

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Through life/job coaching with Darren, I found clarity about my future. He set out a tailored plan for us to work through and gave me the tools i required to gain insight into both myself and my situation.


He gave me the space to think in an unpressured environment which really helped me move from being lost to finding myself again and eventually go on to secure a job that works for me and makes me happy. Thank you Darren!"



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