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Sarah Stewart

Time Management Coach


Sarah Stewart is a time management coach and mindfulness practitioner. She previously held a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, earning a degree in pharmacy and even a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. For 14 years, she thrived in program management roles before making the leap to self-employment in May 2021.


Sarah now works with small business owners who feel overwhelmed and constantly busy. She helps them get organized and manage their lives with a project management approach, freeing up space and time for what truly matters.

A personal experience ignited Sarah's passion for time management. Losing her mother to cancer at the young age of 19 instilled in her a deep awareness of life's limited nature. She strives to make the most of her own time and extends this philosophy to others.

Sarah dedicates a portion of her week to volunteering at a local hospice, where she leads mindfulness meditation sessions for outpatients. Beyond her professional pursuits, she embraces art, creativity, interior design, environmental awareness, and mindful living.

As a single mother, Sarah shares her life with two children, a 14-year-old son and a 12-year-old daughter. They spend half the week together, along with their 3-year-old Cavachon puppy, Evie. When not coaching or spending time with family, Sarah can be found exploring Scotland in her campervan, affectionately named Verity.

Sarah also connects with her audience through a regular email newsletter offering weekly time management tips. Those interested can subscribe on her website at

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