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This has been a while coming, and something I’ve held back from. I love helping myself and others think more deeply about what they’re doing and a weekly newsletter felt like a great way to do that…. BUT I didn’t want to be just another email on the back of a busy week. 

  • I want it to help your life, not simply add to it. 
  • I want it to help you stop and reflect, without being an unwelcome distraction. 
  • And, most of all, I want it to add to that Friday feeling, without the hangover!

So, What Can You Expect?

You can expect no more than a five-minute read where I’ll be sharing a bit about my week (really whatever s#!t has been going on!) and the reality of stepping into the business world after 18 years of corporate life. I’ll also be sharing some insights around life, business, or property that I hope will be of value to you. Lastly, I’ll give you a thought for the weekend to percolate, ready to pour into your cup of action for the new week ahead.


I’ll sometimes let you know about an offer or product I’m launching but will always include a special offer for subscribers.  


Finally, I need your help in curating the content that YOU want! I have lots of great people in my network and thank you all for your contributions so far. To keep making this of use to you, I’d love to know what you like and love, and what you hate and find a bit ‘meh’. 

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