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Can You Juggle? A Look Through Johari's Window

I loved delivering over in Denmark and wanted to share a model I used across there to help the delegates improve their relationship building expertise.

I asked my group if anyone couldn't juggle, and almost everyone raised their hand. I then asked if anyone would be willing to have a go as I'd packed some juggling balls with me and told them I was going to help make them believe they were a juggler.

Thankfully, there was always a willing volunteer, and before they started I asked them to look at me and repeat 'I am a juggler!' again and again. Then I asked them to start juggling and unsurprisingly, the balls all dropped to the floor!

I wanted to highlight that you can't just will something into existence, but you need to take appropriate action as well (in this case, practice some juggling!).

But, how do we increase our awareness so that we work on the right things?

Well, enter the Johari's window.

a diagram of johari's window

Johari's Window is a model used to help you get a comprehensive feedback so you can increase your skills and competence. There's four key areas: Open Self; Blind Self; Hidden Self; and Unknown Self.

Open Self

This is stuff that you and people already know about you. You can identify this by asking people about your key skills, abilities, and attributes.

Blind Self

This section is about things you don't yet know about yourself. You can get this by understanding how people see you in specific circumstances. You need to ask people who you know will tell you the truth and not sugar coat it.

Hidden Self

This is stuff you've not shared yet with others, potentially because you want to keep it separate. Again, some things will be appropriate to keep hidden but being able to disclose things about you will enable more connection and more opportunities.

Unknown Self

This is stuff neither you or anyone else knows about and can be discovered only by putting yourself in new environments and situations. Simply put, try doing some new stuff!

By focussing on this approach to feedback you not only listen to yourself through self-reflection, but bring a more comprehensive approach to help you grow.

Let me know if you put it into practice!


Thought For the Weekend #TFTW

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”
George Bernard Shaw

As a coach, this stopped me in my tracks.

Because, we're trained to help people find their true purpose.

However, after reflecting on it for some time, I realise that finding your purpose is not finding yourself.

Awareness is often about identifying the type of life you want to live, and the type of person you want to become.

But once you identify that, you must go out there and create it.

Knowing the path is not walking the path, and true awareness only comes when the rubber meets the road.

So, by all means, think about what you want and where you are going, but once that's clear, start getting after it.

If you liked the thought this week share it on the socials with #TFTW and tag me (@darren_green_coaching) so we can reach more people like you with this message!

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