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The Power of Persistence: How Consistent Effort Leads to Success in Property Investment

This phrase was used in my Mastermind group and it reminded me of this picture below. Having the resilience to stay in the game is a pre-requisite for success, yet I've seen so many people stop working before they reach any external signal of success. i.e. the diamonds in the picture below.


two men digging for diamonds


Investing in property successfully is a long term play. Often it can feel like lots of action without any reward and something I've found that helps with this is establishing Lead Key Performance Indicators (Lead KPIs). 

Lead KPIs help you focus on the right inputs to get the outcome you want. They are early indicators that you are doing the right actions to deliver the results you want. To identify and track the best lead metrics for the work you do there are two critical questions to ask:

  • What actions make the biggest difference towards achieving the results I want?

  • How much time am I spending focused on these actions each week/month?

If you can get clear on these Lead KPIs and report on them consistently two things will happen: firstly, you'll remain focused on how well you are performing on inputs and not the lack of a visible output which helps keep you motivated to keep swinging the pickaxe, figuratively speaking; and you'll also be massively increasing your likelihood of success towards your goals.

Of course, you might need some trial and error and/or to take some counsel to figure out what Lead KPIs are best for you but here's a list of some I've found useful:

  • Number of viewings

  • Number of offers / re-offers

  • Time on phone to estate agents

  • Time in conversation/engagement with potential investors

  • Number of conversations with people about what I'm doing in property

  • Social media posts / engagement aligned to what you are trying to achieve.

Focus on your Lead KPIs and success will follow!!!

How can you be more persistent this week?


Thought for the Weekend #TFTW

“You'll never get to a place of having no problems, yet you can choose what type of problems you want to have. Be grateful for the problems you've created, as they are creating the growth you want to have”
Darren Green

This week I'm really conscious of being surrounded by problems, and it made me think (I know, scary thought!). We all have problems no matter who you are and you'll never get to a place of having no problems. Yet, you can choose what type of problems you want to have.

Having this perspective really helps when you find things getting on top of you and I think it's because it helps in two areas: It removes the thought that you can solve all your problems because you recognise that's not possible; and it also gets you focussed on what problems indicate growth in your life.

Take this week for example, when boxes were mounting in the house, I saw the extra work of packing and visible clutter everywhere as stressful and I'd love to just click my fingers and for the move to be done. However, recognising this is a problem I wanted (and actually created!) helped me to embrace the problem rather than resent it.

Similarly, earlier this year we had the feeling of out-growing the house we are leaving today and that the kids (and us!!!) needed more space, particularly during Winter. So we acted on ‘solving’ that problem.

Looking back, if I had to choose between the two problems I'd much rather have the one I've had this week. So in short, I've remembered to be grateful for the problems I've created this week, and there's no doubt it's had a really positive impact on my stress levels!

How could you embrace the problems you have created in your life this week?

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