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You're Making Your Checklists Wrong

I've spoken before about some tools to help with productivity but here they are in a nice short list for you to help you be more productive in your career and life!

Do a brain dump

Get everything out of your head in terms of tasks, actions, and problems. Whatever it is, get it down on paper, as it reduces your cognitive load (your brain feels lighter and less cluttered!)

Separate tasks

Identify the 3-5 major tasks for this day and highlight them. Use the Eisenhower Matrix to put your brain dump into categories: Urgent and Important (Do); Not urgent and important (Delay/Schedule); Urgent and Not Important (Delegate); Not Urgent and Not Important (Drop)

Get into a productive state

Create a morning routine for getting your brain into an efficient state. It might be a walk in daylight, some yoga, cold water therapy, or meditation. Whatever works for you, do it.


Work in 90 minute chunks of time and then take a break of around 10 minutes. Perhaps schedule checking emails so it's not 'always on'. Make sure you also schedule white space, breaks, and fun things!

Connect your actions to goals

For the 3-5 things you are planning to focus on that day ask yourself 'how will completing this action take me closer towards my key Quarterly goals?'. And, if you don't have Quarterly goals, start creating them. You can't be productive if you have no idea what your goals are.

Review your progress every night

Take 15 minutes pout at the end of each day and week and ask 'what went well?', 'what didn't go so well?', 'what have I learned', and what will I do differently tomorrow/next week to improve my outcomes?'.

Use this list to check if there are areas you might want to improve💪

Here's to getting more 💩 done!


Thought For the Weekend #TFTW

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”
James Clear, Atomic Habits

We're on productivity this week and so who better to have on the #TFTW than Mr Habits himself, James Clear.

We can often kid ourselves into thinking if we just set big hairy goals, we'll get big hairy results. However, we always know that to achieve big hairy goals we need big hairy actions!

And, this is where habits, or systems, come in.

They are the things we do day in and day out. The little things that compound over time to create massive things.

Like hitting the gym every day for a month, might create little separation from the person sitting watching Netflix every night. But, over a quarter or over a year, the results start to come and the separation is obvious.

So, this weekend think about the habits that might make the biggest impact on you achieving your goals and start putting them in place.

If you liked the thought this week share it on the socials with #TFTW and tag me (@darren_green_coaching) so we can reach more people like you with this message!

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