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Could You Be Thin Slicing It? How Small Pieces of Information Can Make Big Decisions

I was chatting through some content with another trainer through the week and the topic of first impressions came up, and I learned a phrase I never knew before: thin slicing.

What is Thin Slicing

It's a concept in psychology that refers to the ability to find patterns in events based only on "thin slices," or in other words, small amounts of information. The concept suggests that people can make accurate judgments about others or situations with only limited exposure—often just a few seconds or minutes.

a man thinking with a lot of thoughts

Think about it, how long do you take to judge someone? And have you ever instantly came to the conclusion that you either do or don't like the cut of someone's jib?

This can be a potentially good or bad thing but makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. Making a quick judgement may have been a life or death decision a few thousand years ago. But what impact does it have today?

It could be a quick decision that saves you from a scam (like Gill did when we were in Bangkok!) or lead to creating a negative bias about someone unfairly.

But when do we know when to listen to it or not?

Unfortunately, there's no easy answer and it would be situation dependent.

The best advice I can provide is to use your intuition when it provides negative feedback, is to pause and buy yourself some time. Simply put, don't ignore it!

However, you also need to bear in mind that your intuition may be off. Your emotional brain, or chimp brain as Dr. Steve Peters would call it, is much faster at decision making than your rational human brain.

In other words, the inmates are in control of the asylum and you need to make sure they don't cause a mess.

So, by all means lean into and listen to the phenomenal power and accuracy of your intuition.

Just don't be a slave to it.


Thought For the Weekend #TFTW

“The cold water does not get warmer if you jump late”

This one maybe resonated with me after the coldest plunge of the year yesterday at 0 degrees and -8 in the air.

But, in actual fact it has nothing to do with freezing your particulars off!

It's really about dealing with the stuff that's hanging heavy around your neck.

The stuff that you know you need to deal with, but keep putting off.

You think that it might go away, or it might get easier to deal with, but you really know that it won't!

You're thinking the water will get warmer.

But the truth is, that the quicker you get in there and deal with it, the quicker you drop that weight.

And the chances are that it was never as heavy as you were making it.

But you can't know that from standing on the side-lines.

So, if my thought for this weekend is anything it's....

get in there and deal with it!

If you liked the thought this week share it on the socials with #TFTW and tag me (@darren_green_coaching) so we can reach more people like you with this message!

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